We have Jacobs appointment with the craniofacial team tomorrow.

This last month I haven’t been present in my mind the only thing I’ve thought about is this appointment. We have many appointments a week but this one has played on my head. 
I don’t know if Jacob has craniosynostosis but I’m really hoping that we get some answers tomorrow. 


I’ve wanted the world to stop and then start again on Tuesday, it’s felt like we have waited so long for this appointment. My anxiety has been through the roof. 

Last week we went for a walk, somewhere Jacob could run around and I wouldn't be stressing over him running away. After some time in the park with took a walk and he really opened my eyes even more then I thought I could.


Jacob appreciates the smaller things in life that we sometimes take for granted. The trees, the birds, the flowers, the outdoors and nature. Jacob continues to open my eyes each day, God I am so thankful for him. He leads the way and I will continue to follow no matter how hard it gets 

Sorry I’m not here at the moment mentally but I love all your support with my YouTube channel, blog and just everything 

We have over 2 hours drive tomorrow for the appointment my mind is all over the place. I have mixed emotions…..

Stacey Xoxo