Parents/carers/siblings/family you have all got this, I know how hard and tired it can be some days but I also know how much joy, and love our beautiful souls bring into our lives! Today we light up blue for every child and adult who has Autism. Also for all the parents, siblings, and family members who look after and fight everyday for their child, friend, sister, brother, niece or nephew.


I wanted to post this picture of Jacob, as it shows Jacob stimming and having his comforts when the world is just too much for him. He sucks on a bottle (has to be this one) and grabs a tag and puts it on his eyelashes or ear and even just stares at it to calm him down. If you’ve been my insta friend for a while you know I share everything on here, the happy, the great small victories(which our huge for us) and also the hard times. Jacob is kind, the most loving boy, happy, cheeky, flappy, nods his head, gets excited for rice (it’s what he lives on at the moment) loves iPad and watching things for seconds and switching on to something else. He adores anything to do with the Alphabet, or numbers and loves loud sounds and music. He loves slides and the trampoline and loves playing with adults. I could go on but I’ve written so much already I would love you all to continue to share and tag us in your pictures, I would love to read about your children, siblings. There is a New video live on my channel link in bio. Lastly I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here who has supported Jacob and I, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you all.

Love you