I have a confession to make. 

My 2 year and 3-month old son still carries and sucks on his bottle. 


The stares with getting the comments of ‘doesn’t he drink from a sippy cup’ ‘how old is he?’ ‘what is wrong with him?’ ‘He will get bad teeth’ 

I could not give a flying (!!!!) pig! 

Jacob has Autism and sensory overload can be too much for him sometimes, so he does what makes him comfortable and he suck’s on his bottle and plays with the label of a blanket. 

Sensory overload for Jacob is what we see as normal, the tv is on, people talking, the smells from me cooking our family dinner, the clock, the tap running etc. 


I saw this video and showed it to family members as it show’s how someone with Autism sees and hears things. Check it out here

Melt down’s goes hand in hand with Autism, there are many different reasons meltdowns can happen. Sensory overload such as smell’s, light’s, sound’s or not being able to communicate. Jacob is still non-verbal so frustration from not being able to talk to us is a common reason for Jacob to have a meltdown. And guess what this bottle is the only thing that can soothe him along with a cuddle from mummy and daddy. 

People actually ask me if I get upset that he does these things! The answer is HELL NO! When Jacob is overwhelmed by this weird world to him he has figured out a way to help him with his overload. That is bloody awesome! We just make sure he has them near him at all times.

And guess what he also has it during the night so he can sleep! 

Jacob’s bottle is apart of him wherever you see Jacob you see his bottle! 

I’m just so happy and grateful that Jacob has found something that help’s him cope in this crazy world for him. 

Stacey xoxo