The One Where Jacob Is To Young For Speech Therapy

When we attended the Paediatrician appointment for Jacob back in December I felt like a weight had been lifted ever so slightly.

I felt as if someone was listening to me.

We left the appointment feeling positive, we were doing everything in our power to support Jacob. We were told that Jacob would be referred to a number of different professionals one of them being a speech therapist.

Fast forward to only a month later and we were notified that we couldn’t be referred to a speech therapist as Jacob is too young at 20 months. I can’t tell you how frustrated we felt. Joseph and I decided to attend another speech drop in where Jacob is now on the waiting list for support – or as the speech therapist advised me – More for 'us to find ways we can communicate with Jacob’. We are doing really well in that department, we work together with Jacob to seek what he is wanting. I must admit I am quite lucky that Reika attends school so Jacob has my attention and I’m observing what he is doing so 9/10 I am aware of what he wants or needs but I won’t always be there. This worries me.


 Jacob over the last month has developed a lot with his eye contact, he loves to watch what we're doing now, or follows people more with his eyes. He responds if we say no, he will stop and look to see if we're watching him before he tries again haha (cheeky chap). We’ve also noticed that Jacob responds more to his name now and communicates a little more with us. To be honest I’m not sure if this is because I have been researching and reading lot’s, which seem’s to have made us more aware of things.

A nursery is something that was mentioned in the Paediatrician office back in December, and it wasn’t clear if we had to apply for a place or did the referral come from him?! We were told by the health visitor that normally it’s the parents task. My feelings and thoughts and what is happening with the nursery stuff is just too much to go into on this post, I would need a whole new post, so I will leave that for another time.

Anxiety plays a huge part in my life, and it seems that recently it has become worse and I have started to have panic attacks – I will be attending therapy for this which I am hoping it will help. I will update you more on my health issues in another post.


On a much brighter note, I am feeling very blessed to have such a beautiful family. My husband and my children keep me sane and keep me strong. Jacob’s personality is just the best, he makes us laugh so hard and when we look into each other’s eye we don’t have to utter a sound because our eyes do all of the talking. I feel the connection so much.

Stacey xoxo