Two weeks ago I had a phone call from a specialist health visitor who asked if I would be interested in signing Jacob up for a development group.

To be honest I jumped at the chance, anything that may help support Jacob with his development I will try.

Last week the specialist health visitor made a home visit to see Jacob in action. He was brilliant, and so was she, she made me feel so at ease, with the way she spoke to Jacob and the way she just understood him. An hour later and we were signed up ready to attend the group next week.


The group has 3 children only including Jacob, and the parents stay at the group perfect for me as I haven’t left Jacob yet with a stranger. The group is called ‘Development group’ as all the children that attend have a developmental delay, it could be speech delay, behaviour etc.. Jacob loved it as soon as we arrived, Joseph took the day off work to give me some support I get so anxious about things like this. I really didn’t need to be, as the parents and children were so lovely and we all just got each other. It can be so lonely sometimes when your child is going through the assessment of Autism. There was no judging.

The group has great sensory play, music, and flashcards I really believe Jacob will gain a lot from this group as will I so we’re be attending each week.

We also decided to take Jacob to get his blood tested for the genetic test for Autism, has anyone had this done? While my husband was off as I am no good with seeing Jacob in pain.  We were unable to get the tests done as apparently, it has to be on a certain day and time argh!!! I was not told this on the phone yesterday.

Jacob did something amazing today and made me cry like a baby! I asked him for a kiss and he came over and opened his mouth and we both said ‘yayyyyyyyyyy’. This is huge! He also kept saying ‘nanah’ when he saw the banana and I even heard him say ‘chocate’ when I said chocolate to him. I still believe I may have been hearing it but my husband was there.

It’s been such a brilliant day, I will continue to fight for my son and get him the best support I can!

Stacey xoxo