No More Diets

I’ve suffered with an eating disorder since I was a child. I hid it from family members and some may still not know. I’ve battled my life stresses through my unhealthy relationship with food.

For years I’ve yo yo’d from a size 10 to a size 18 and now, being a size 16. I was never happy with my body as a child, being told you were different due to your curvy hips, big breast and chunky thighs but it’s ok because you have a pretty face but what if you lost weight! For years I tried starving myself, of doing weight watchers, Cambridge diet, lighter than life and the list went on… I was a serial dieter. I lost all this weight but mentally I was beaten up, all this time caring about my shell made me so unhappy inside. Because the thing is if you're unhappy with your body you will always be unhappy with it slim or big. It’s about learning to love your body. I would be scared to eat in case I put on weight. I started to abuse myself.

a (2).jpg


Years later I became so confident in my body until I started suffering from depression, I put on weight since and decided to start Slimming World again I was losing weight but everything became thinking about food again, my unhealthy relationship with food came back and boom and I relapse with my eating disorder. Enough is enough. After years of going back and forth, I dug deeper on how I feel and not how social media and the media in general think, but how I feel and more about what I want. I found many answers to my own feelings, my mind, my body. I've learnt that I truly love my body, my belly with all my warrior marks my chunky thighs, my arms, cellulite, and my chins that have decided to join my beautiful body. I love me! And I woke up today and felt so happy so confident and loved. From this day on I will never do a diet, I will never judge anyone else we all have our own journey.This picture is not edited nor filtered! My body is #badass AF and so is your’s.


Stacey xo