My brother has Autism

 When I’m older I want to live with my brother who has Autism, I love him. 


My plan is to get into a flat when I’m older with Jacob and live there until I get some more money. Then I will get a house for υѕ, then me and my brother will live there for years until, well maybe, maybe until I die and then hopefully he can look after himself.  If he can’t then up in heaven I will try and guide him and if that doesn’t work then I will be praying that God will help him live and I do hope he will not get sent into a home. I think we will live a happy and fun life together. 


I think people will think I’m a bit weird living with my brother but I don’t care, I will always love him no matter what anyone says. God will guide us and keep us safe. 

Reika aged 11