I worried that she would be stumbled on and crushed

Parenting is hard, I’m not just talking about the baby and toddler age but being responsible for another human being. Reika is 11 and is at the age our children notice who we are as people.

I won’t lie these last couple of weeks has been let’s just say ‘different’. Reika is the most sensitive soul I know, she hates arguments, bad vibes, fiction, disagreements. She can be feisty, won’t back down if she’s right and believes in something. She is loving, very empathetic to people, things, animals etc… I won’t lie I’ve struggled with being a mama and if I’m doing the right thing.


You see it’s not easy being a parent as we all know but it’s triple hard when you’re not sure how to react to something as your mum would have reacted in a way that you would never do. You then worry that you’re being to soft, to much of a lay back mum (which Reika would disagree with strongly! Apparently I’m the strictest mum ever!)

I was sent something today by one of my insta friends and she doesn’t understand how much she has changed my outlook on parenting Reika. I use to worry that Reika is to sensitive, to loving and caring for this world so I would try and get her to change the way she felt because I worried that she would be stumbled on and crushed. But today I’ve decided to let her be her!

IMG_1826 (1).jpg

I adapted to Jacob’s diagnosis of Autism just like that, I aware of all his need’s and adapted and we just go with the flow. Reika is no different but without an Autism diagnosis. As parent’s I think we need to remember that each of our children are different, they all have different need’s and as parents we need to meet these need’s.

Im super proud of how caring, loving and sensitive she is.

Stacey xo