How To Be Your Own Life Coach

One reason why people don’t have life coaches is due to the cost. Life coaches can cost a lot of money but can also be life-changing. Over the years of finding myself through major life changing experiences, I’ve learnt through lot’s of research and trial and error how to become my own life coach. If you are ready you to can be your own life coach.

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  • When To Self-Coach? – How do you know when it’s the right time? Change is normally when you look for guidance in a life coach. You don’t know what to expect in this life change, it could be a career change. losing weight, or quitting smoking etc..
  • Identify Area’s Of Improvement – Established what you need/want to change and focus on this area first.
  • Set manageable goals that are short and to the point. This could be having time for yourself, so 30 minutes meditation each morning, or a 30 minute bath with no distractions. It’s so important that your goal is expressed positivity so ask yourself, what is really important in my life? Who is the person I want to become?
  • Fill out questionnaires daily on how your day went. Record 0-10, (0 being a really crap day and 10 being a fantastic day) on how you was feeling that day and jot down a couple of reason’s why you felt like this today.
  • Gather support – Who are the most important people in your life? Right now get them involve in helping you change. Ask your husband/wife or partner/friend to tell you in ways they believe change can be positive for you. Complete the change for two weeks then ask for feedback.
  • Positive quotes and affirmation’s. Some of my favourite ones are ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’, ‘Your life is what your thoughts make it’
  • Be prepared for setbacks. Self coaching isn’t easy and it’s so crucial to acknowledge this. Remember even the most successful people in the world fail, forgive yourself and get right back up.

Have fun and remember life is a  journey you will continue to evaluate your life.

Stacey xo