Social media has been apart of my life for the past two years; since starting my blog. 

Most people won’t admit how much social media means, or has meant, to them. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have helped me to grow a platform for my blog and my Youtube channel.

After my miscarriage and two years of heavy social media (on my phone nearly every waking hour) it was time for a break. So for 30 days, I quit social media. 

All notifications were turned off. All apps were removed. I felt an immediate feeling of freedom.

What I learnt:

  • How much time can be wasted browsing social networks without knowing it
  • I was able to heal
  • Like an addict, I scooped my phone up multiple times a day and swiped it open
  • I took the moment to see the beauty in life, completely understanding how often I take for granted the amazing views and moments of stillness in Essex.
  • Minimalism – I finally got the time to research and really take in what minimalism is and implement this in my life
  • Spending quiet time with my children
  • I had more time playing with my children
  • I had more free time to read
  • I met up with friends
  • Had date nights with my husband
  • My iPhone battery was at 50% at the end of the day
  • I decluttered my subscription box, Instagram accounts
  • I was acutely aware of just how many email notifications I get from social media, so I unsubscribed – I was shocked when I realised how much of my attention and mental energy probably got sucked away every day just because of my inbox
  • I was also noticeably happier
  • I cleaned, decluttered and organised my house
  • I donated all item’s we didn’t need or want to charity
  • Watched less TV
  • Spent more and more time with family members
  • Had conversations without picking up my phone
  • I missed Instagram
  • I missed making Youtube videos
  • I missed my social media friends
  • Once I took all social media from my life I knew the things I wanted to add back in and the things I never
  • I don’t like Facebook – No seriously I find it so draining, something Im working on trying to see if I delete it or find a way to work with it but without affecting my energy
  • Less stressed
  • I fell back in love with writing
  • The biggest benefit has been the removal of negativity and unnecessary information. Some people who affected my energy was still occupying my mind long after I logged out of social media. Filtering my newsfeed and timeline
  • I missed seeing my friends happy and positive posts, they make me so happy
  • I missed supporting my friends with their videos and posts
  • I love being so positive and being great energy around others
  • I love spending so much time with my family

My thoughts

I’m not going to completely quit using social media although I originally thought I was, but I’m going to take control of my use of social media. Not being on social media for 30 days it really opened my eyes to the feelings and motivations I have using Facebook, etc. Right away I Immediately felt a sense of freedom. I felt like my mind and body could breathe.

If you’re reading this and thinking about taking a social media break start with a weekend or a week, but aim for 30 days. Give yourself a chance to feel how I felt after just one month.

You can watch my video on my social media break here –