Dear Diary,

Not sure where to start really.

I feel I’ve been rubbish at documenting Jacob’s Autism journey on my blog, it’s been more over on my YouTube.


Jacob was diagnosed with Autism last year officially in Sept 2016. Joseph and I attended a meeting to hear the words I had been longing for but also been hoping I was wrong. The paediatrician asked us to sign up to Autism society, while referring us to speech and language and see you in a year! What?! Is that it, Ok I must be strong for Jacob, for Reika, and Joseph.

Jacob now has a specialist teacher – sounds really professional doesn’t it, yes I am going to get Jacob so much support now. We meet him and he’s lovely, I’m desperate to get Jacob any support. He visits once a month and then once a month at Jacob’s pre-school. This specialist teacher doesn’t believe Jacob needs one to one support ‘he’s doing amazing’ he keeps reassuring us. I'm tired of this now, Jacob is doing so well but I know he will benefit for one to one support – why is it always a fight? I feel like I’ve fought my whole life but I must continue he needs me.

Speech therapy if I can call it that is pointless, and I say that in a really no joke way! We are in there for 15 minutes and she talks to me the whole time. ‘Hold the toy wait for him to give you eye contact’ yes yes I know I want to scream I do this every day all day! Its pointless, I tell her how I feel and she agrees. Jacob is now referred to a ‘proper’ speech therapist and she assessed him and we have been offered the ‘More than words course’ which will involve Jacob too. I jumped on it! ‘Yes I'm in – where do I sign?’ I have also been ringing Jacob’s specialist teacher for support with speech for ages. We have also been offered another course that I will be attending.

Private speech therapy – Something we decided to do after hearing nothing back from the NHS speech therapist. We started this last week and it was amazing.

God I love this boy so much.

Stacey xo