About me...

My name is Stacey Leigh I'm a thirty something Londoner raising our children Reika and Jacob alongside my main one (the husband)  in Essex. I love being at home, spending time and travelling with my family, and I'm addicted to Youtube!

Inspiring others is my goal; we don't all need to look the same or act the same; embracing yourself is the key to happiness. Before kids, I was a Social Worker supporting children in need, I also worked at a Women's aid refuge.

Currently I am concentrating on being a mum, raising awareness for Autism, blogging, speaking and turning my passion into a full time job.  I am definitely a self-love, positivity, self reflection kind of girl. But I wasn't always this way….


My passion is speaking from the soul, raising awareness for Autism, body positivity, mental health and self love.


My Journey...

Our youngest Jacob was diagnosed with Autism in 2016 after we fought for a diagnosis. We've had a rough time over the last two years, with our life feeling like it was turned upside down and I wouldn't be able to keep going. During Jacob’s diagnosis I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. whilst already dealing with childhood issues such as abuse, and narcissism I was at breaking point. Being a mother followed by the diagnosis of Autism changed our lives and taught us just how unimportant certain things are and how much we needed to learn, to see, and experience. It forced me deeper into my self-development journey and changed, no, SAVED my life. I want the world to know that having a disability is nothing to be scared off, I want to raise awareness for Autism, and special needs parents until everyone gets it. Despite everything we always remain positive and so grateful. 

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